Samples 1 : Dual network samples from tesa


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Information on the samples made available by tesa can be found in the following  document.
Comment from Stephan:
"Note that because we used polymer from our production, the molecular weight distribution is very wide. If this is a problem, we can redo the samples with a different polymer. In addition, all the analytical data, also the GPC data are taken from our data base and not the measured values of the used base polymer. This will be done soon and sent to you later.
Keep in mind, we are using free radical polymerization with an addition of an extra initiator to keep conversion high. This usually widens the molecular weight distribution.
But I think, as a start and to get used to the handling of pressure sensitive adhesives the samples are suitable."


Linear rheology: Consiglia (FORTH)

Nonlinear shear rheology: Consiglia (FORTH)

Statistical analysis: UCL