Consiglia Carillo

Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH)
Department of Materials Science and Technology


Dimitris Vlassopoulos
George Petekidis


Field of expertise:
Shear rheology
PhD subject:
Rheological investigations of reversible covalent systems and double networks systems

My work is focused on the investigation of the dynamics and nonlinear shear response of reversible covalent systems and double networks systems. The ultimate goal is to understand the exact role of molecular parameters of DDNs such as entanglements, dangling ends, bonds and segment dynamics, in order to be able to tailor rheological properties of networks.

The study involves the combination of distinct properties of two classes of networks and crosslinks, to impart large mechanical strength, deformability, swelling and self-healing, in order to obtain materials suitable for different applications.

Linear and nonlinear rheological tests are performed in order to investigate the macroscopic properties of the samples such as stability, relaxation time spectrum and shear thinning or thickening behavior, which are connected to its microstructure. Furthermore, creep measurements can be performed to investigate the viscoelasticity over a very wide range of frequencies, while to extend the spectra to higher frequencies a piezo-rheometer will be used.

Rheological and mechanical properties will be related to the fracture mechanisms and to the elongational properties, in order to establish the connection between network structures, chain mobility and physical properties. In this way it will be possible to obtain a general picture about the systems investigated and improve their properties according to industrial application.



  • Italian Speaking
  • English Speaking
Computer knowledge
  • Microsoft Office
  • Comsol Multiphysics
  • Matlab
  • C++
  • Image-Pro Plus
  • Optical microscopy
Federico II University of Naples and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece collaborate with “ROOM, The Space Journal” magazine. Different groups of University of Naples and University of Thessaloniki selected a topic from the Room magazine and discussed about it. The project concluded with the drawing up of a common document as result of the discussion

Curriculum Vitae

Employment history

Private tutor for undergraduate students in Math, Physic and Biology

11/2015 - Present

Assistant Librarian at University of Naples “Federico II”

09/2015 - 12/2015


University of Crete, Department of Materials Science & Technology

2018 – Present

PhD in Material Science

Polymers & Colloids Group, FORTH, Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser.

Supervisor: Dimitris Vlassopoulos.
Co-supervisor: George Petekidis

This project work belongs to Marie Curie ITN “Dodynet: Double Dynamics for design of new responsive polymer networks and gels”.

University of Naples “Federico II”

2015 - 2018
Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering
Thesis in collaboration with Versalis S.p.A.: Optical and rheological analysis of crystallization phenomena in waxy crude oils.
The object of my thesis is to study the behaviour of waxy crude oil during cooling process by combining microscopy and rheology.

University of Naples “Federico II”

2012 - 2015
Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering
Thesis: Bio-production of hydrogen.
This thesis is focused on the production of bio-hydrogen by microorganisms and on the analysis of benefits and drawbacks of using different types of bioreactor

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