Nicolas J. Alvarez: The physics of reassociation dynamics, “self-healing”, probed via nonlinear flows

Christian Clasen : Degradation of polymers in dilute solutions subjected to jetting flows

Ralph Colby: Edge Fracture and its Consequences for Flow-Induced Crystallization of Engineering Thermoplastics

Salvatore Coppola: Nonlinear viscoelastic response of branched polymers and associating polymers for rubber industry

Salvatore Costanzo: Nonlinear shear rheometry of polymer melts and solutions

Costantino Creton : Extensional flow and adhesive behavior of lightly crosslinked polybutyl acrylates

Ralf Everaers: Kremer-Grest models for commodity polymer melts: Linking theory, experiment and simulation at the Kuhn scale

Ole Hassager : Polymers under strong forcing: Flow or fracture?

Savvas G Hatzikiriakos: A reptation slip model for fast flow of polymer melts

Qian Huang : Studying the dynamics of linear, star and ring polymers in fast extensional flow by combining filament stretching rheometry with ex-situ SANS

Kurt Kremer : Role of Topological Constraints in Deformed Polymer Melts

Ronald Larson: Unraveling of Long Entangled and Unentangled Polymers in Fast Extensional Flow

Christian Ligoure: Drop Impact experiments: a tool to investigate fast bi-extensional flow of polymeric liquids

Yuichi Masubuchi:Primitive Chain Network Simulations for H-Polymer Melt under High Shear

Scott Milner : Unified entanglement scaling for flexible, semiflexible, and stiff polymer melts and solutions

Thomas O’Connor: Simulating the Molecular Dynamics That Drive Nonlinear Elongational Flows

Peter Olmsted: Scission of flexible polymers through contractions: predicting the effects of multiple passages

Wim Pyckhout-Hintzen: Supramolecular Structures Probed by Rheology and Small Angle Scattering Methods

Daniel Read: Polydisperse linear polymers: from rheology to flow induced crystallisation

Michael Rubinstein: Non-linear shear and elongational flows of ring and linear melts

Jay Schieber: Slip-link and tube models make different, measurable predictions of polymer relaxation

Charles M. Schroeder: Dynamic Heterogeneity in Ring-Linear Polymer Blends Revealed by Single Molecule Studies

Ken Schweizer: Forced-Based Theory of the Shear Rheology of Entangled Polymer Liquids

Taisir Shahid: A study of binary blends under uniaxial extensional flow: Do polymer melts behave differently from solutions?

Jun-ichi Takimoto: Stress and dielectric relaxation of polymers under fast shear flow

Doros N. Theodorou: Hybrid Particle-Field Simulations of Entangled Polymer Dynamics

Manfred H. Wagner: The interchain pressure effect in elongational flow of polystyrene melts and concentrated solutions

Shi-Qing Wang: From shear to extensional instabilities: The essence of nonlinear melt rheology

Zuowei Wang: Flow Behaviour of Associative Telechelic Polymer Melts and Solutions: A Computer Simulation Study

Hiroshi Watanabe: Nonlinear Elongational Rheology of Unentangled Polystyrene and Poly(p-tert-butyl styrene) Melts